Tolkien events around the globe, or how to meet Bilbo and Gandalf in contemporary Middle-earth

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See international calendar of Tolkien events 2019 to help you meet Bilbo and Gandalf in our Middle-earth.

Festival of the memory of Numenor at the Prancing Dreadnote bar, Moscow, Russia

Magic boat in Neskuchny garden near Eglador, Moscow, Russia

Finrod rock opera by Eterius theatre, Moscow, Russia

Tolkien mythology seminar at the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Hobbit by Moscow youth theatre, Moscow, Russia

J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday, St. Petersburg, Russia

It is not easy finding an event nearby or somewhere at a distant spot of our planet where one can meet friends or those who think of the Tolkien's legendarium in the same vein.

I myself have encountered a lot of websites and communities that provide extensive material, yet my wish and search mostly concentrated on finding something really interesting, in line of an adventure that Bilbo would love to have (looks like a role-playing game or a tournament now) or an event for lady Eowyn and Arwen (seemingly a ball). Hopefully the organizers of the great and powerful events in Middle-earth around us will soon come up with something that has a little of both for all Tolkien lovers alike.

Meanwhile here are some of the findings over the net that now encircles our world:

International calendar of Tolkien events 2019

Month Dates Title Venue Entrance fee Website
January 03.01.19 J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday St. Petersburg, Russia 300—600 ₽ (Russian)
  03.01.19 J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday Moscow, Russia 200—300 ₽ (Russian)
  25.01—12.05.19 Tolkien: Maker of Middle Earth New York, US free (by ticket only)
February 22.02—24.02.19 Vescon 2019 Moscow, Russia 1400—1800 ₽ (Russian)
March 17.03—04.04.19 New York Tolkien Conference & Fellowship New York, US
May 09.05—12.05.19 Estelcon 2019 Santa Marta de Tormes, Spain €89—170
June 14.06—16.06.19 Tolkien Tage 2019 Geldern, Germany €18 (German)
  June 2019 Arda & Arta Spring 2019 Moscow, Russia free (Russian)
July 25.07—28.07.19 Tolkien Thing 2019 Lützensommern, Germany €109—139 (German)
August 07.08—11.08.19 Tolkien 2019 Birmingham, UK £95—125
October 05.10—06.10.19 KaminKon 2019 St. Petersburg, Russia 800—1400 ₽ (Russian)
  October 2019 Arda & Arta Autumn 2019 Moscow, Russia free (Russian)
  21.10—01.01.20 Tolkien exhibition Paris, France (French)
November 02.11—05.11.19 Zilantkon 2019 Kazan, Russia 2600 ₽ (Russian)

Still hopeful for a great event to come up (and for a repeating of one of the renown Oxonmoots).

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