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Добрый день!
Может кто подсказать, как пишется Воронвэ (Voronwë) тэнгваром? Пытаюсь пользоваться онлайн сервисами, но почему-то они мне выдают разные результаты. Вполне возможно один из них верный, прикрепляю варианты.

No. 1 is the correct one.

No. 2 is a mess. Looks like some one typed 'Voronwe' on a keyboard - that's not how you do it. The Elvish letters are mapped in a different way. Think of typing Voronwe, but on a Russian keyboard, it'll produce Мщкщтцу !!!

No. 3 chooses letters for consonants that you would expect to see a Sindarin word is written with, but the vowels stand on the preceding consonants instead of the following, which is not common for Sindarin. And the <w> would be an ~ over the preceding letter if it's Sindarin.
No. 4 is even weirder than No. 3. They are wrong, unless they are in some modes I'm not familiar with.

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