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Меня настоятельно попросили убрать тексты Профессора с сайта и я это сделал.
Подробности — по ссылке.

Given this news and my previous contact with the lawyers of the Estate I will remove the files I am currently sharing. It will only be a matter of time before they are chasing me down too so better to be safe. Members can still contact me privately of course.


Вестник Толкинистики / Tolkien Studies
« on: 11/02/2019, 01:06:28 »

Does someone have the complete set of Tolkien Studies issues (1 - 15) as pdf files?

Here you go https://mega.nz/#F!A1MWRCSY!ee9KEwaCveGnGp8Q9yQh6w

History of Middle-earth 1-2 retail, 3-12 self edited. There are errors throughout though. I wouldn't use these as a primary source. Better using the PDF versions.


I'll try to help. Probably I could get the edition of 1991.

Many thanks. I have plenty to read so no rush. I just posted Tolkien Studies 15 for the site over on the latest finds so I will be delving into that later today.

Not yet  8)

looking for something special in it?

Specifically the Jared Lobdell article "C.S. Lewis’s Ransom Stories and Their Eighteenth-Century Ancestry" although I would naturally like to read the entire work. I had a copy ordered from the US but it was sadly cancelled by the seller.

Hello all.

Does anybody have a scan of 'Word and Story in C.S. Lewis'?

Any help would be great.

Cheers all

Hi Roy,

I found that while my efforts were in the right place they were ultimately misguided due to the complexities of these books. I had planned to update the ePub files further but it never came to pass so there remains some errors that make the reading of some of the volumes unwieldy. But here https://mega.nz/#F!JlEDVQja!lAxWl1Sb9zliL0Sf-Aw5Cg is the ePub files regardless of all 12 volumes (1&2 is the HarperCollins retail). They are certainly readable on the most part.

Also there are the really decent scans in PDF of the 12 volumes and the index which I have here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1poDWZPEN7W5DvN44KqEabU2MkdNl8eVV (1&2 are conversions of the HarperCollins retail) and the others are a mixed bunch.

Thank you John. How is your pursuit of a new TTA coming along?

A little update from John Rateliff too https://sacnoths.blogspot.com/2018/10/every-little-bit-helps-hme-viii98.html

https://mega.nz/#!0wV2BAxR!I2oIzHm19vzKUUz_MBv54l_Nq5KLGuDKZ-ZZC_UpvCI this is a scan of the US edition of the book. It has a few more pictures than the previous edition.

The picture you want is on page 241 of the PDF (209 in the book).

Thank you for posting John

Great many thanks, Philthehip, for your awesome work!
Let us hope the Mythopoeic Society will upload more issues, as they already uploaded Mythlore 84:
Waiting for Amon Hen :)

Thank you for the heads up on 84, I had missed that one.


This is the folder with all the currently available Mythlore journals. Most of the artwork is missing but all essays and articles are present.

Issues still needed from Mythlore

1969: Mythlore 2
1969: Mythlore 3
1972: Mythlore 8
1984: Mythlore 39
1984: Mythlore 40 (subject guide to Mythlore 31-39)
1985: Mythlore 42 (short supplemental issue to meet postal regulations)
1987: Mythlore 52
1988: Mythlore 53
1988: Mythlore 54
1988: Mythlore 55
1988: Mythlore 56
1989: Mythlore 57
1989: Mythlore 60
1990: Mythlore 61 (includes index to Mythlore 51-60)
1990: Mythlore 62
1990: Mythlore 63
1990: Mythlore 64
1991: Mythlore 65
1991: Mythlore 66
1991: Mythlore 67
1992: Mythlore 68
1992: Mythlore 70
1993: Mythlore 71
1993: Mythlore 72
1993: Mythlore 73 (Dorothy Sayers Centenary issue)
1993: Mythlore 74
1994: Mythlore 75
1994: Mythlore 76
1994: Mythlore 77 (short supplemental issue)
1995: Mythlore 78
1995: Mythlore 79
1995: Mythlore 81
1998: Mythlore 84 C.S. Lewis Centenary issue

I have more than the link provided and am along with Amon Hen working on reducing the size of them and combining the essays into the original released copies as best I can (minus much of the artwork).

Если кому интересно, то могу свой том отфотографировать (вы высоком качестве, но с умеренными геометрическими искажениями геометрии листов), собрать в PDF и выложить.

Ниже всё то, что я в архив поместил по Father Christmas (для тех, кому так удобнее). Могу именно в таком качестве (камера iPhone 6S) отофотографировать весь том. Вроде это достаточно хорошее при дневном освещении.

Marinier, many thanx for the preview.

If I may take you up on your offer: could you please photograph the whole book in the same manner as Father Christmas letters?
If yes, please don't make a PDF, as it degrades the image quality - just put them in an archive (.rar, .zip), that way you'll preserve the originals. Thanx!

Ok, I've just finished to take photos of it and I'm in process of uploading. Original photos are about 600 mb (all) and each photo is a double page. May you advice me the best file sharing resources with the highest download\upload speeds? In few hours the archives with originals will be here)

I use MEGA to share here which works well enough for small files. (600mb is fine on there).

If you don't mind I would like to take your original pictures and split them, maybe flatten and trim. I will produce a PDF from it. I did this with many previous books and it works fine as a archive copy.


Exposing Tolkien And His SATANIC LOTR Part 1  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JyrZ3nXFKk

По ссылке на Youtube можно посмотреть части 2 и 3

Sorry for the English here.

Bryan Denlinger is a hateful racist and a narrow minded bigot. His comments about Tolkien (a few years old now and posted on his youtube channel) are the tip of the ice-berg. He openly has said that Muslims should be murdered in Germany, that Catholics are Nazi, basically anybody who does not believe his vile spin is damned to hell. Atheists like me are simply doomed and if you entertain any idea of evolution you are acting against God. The man is a lunatic and his wife is worse. Stay away people please, enjoy whatever your faith is without such hatred.

I am so grateful for the link to VT and PE.  have searched so long for those early issues and you solve it so soon after me posting  :)

Here is the link to my KAT archive,


It is not all of the greatest quality but it is all at least readable. Much of it was either created from the Old Tolkien Text Anthology html pages combined to create PDF. You will likely have most of it but I hope you find some bits to add to your collection.

Again many thanks



Sorry for this being in English but it is my native tongue and languages are not my strong point so I hope I am understood. I have used google translate to navigate the wonderful site here.

I do not know if any of you may have used KAT but I have a Tolkien Archive there which I spent around a year compiling from HTML and turning them into PDF. It has many files including all of Tolkien in PDF, ePub and .mobi. Other work includes essays, artwork, biographical and studies about Tolkien and his work.

For the last few months I have been editing The History of Middle-earth from the rough PDF or ePub files and am currently doing The War of the Ring.

Here is a link for volumes 3 to 7 in ePub and .mobi, these are still not perfect but for reading on the go they should help many of.

Another reason for posting here is for help with some journals if it is possible. I am currently looking for the following;

Vinyar Tengwar numbers 24, 25, 26
Parma Eldalamberon numbers 1 to 7, 23 I think but that is very recent?
Aman Hen numbers 1 to 217, 221,222, 231, 237, 238, 243, 252 and anything beyond 255.
Mallorn numbers 1 to 12, 38 to 44,

I understand that is a lot of journals but any help would be great.

Here is a link for the History of Middle-earth volumes and the others will follow through the next few months for those who find them useful.


I will keep this active for 2 weeks.


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