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John Garth: Tolkien biography

... myth that won't let the valley go. You learn as you read this, that every generation in this valley, some three people have suffered the same tragedy. That's an extraordinary and original scenario.” 6. Tolkien in your country John Garth's talk at Tolkien 2019 ( “The two towers of Birmingham, and other follies” , August 2019) (photo of J. Garth) A lot can be said about how Tolkien is read, translated, and celebrated in different countries. I ask John about his UK view. Question What are the outcomes of Tolkien's works in your ...

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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... authors to come after and before Tolkien, speaking of his goals to investigate this filed further. While in Horton A there's talk of the Tolkien and Digital Philology (a report by James Tauber) in the neighbouring Horton B Bob Blackham is speaking of the Tolkien's Birmingham. “To the origins of fairy-tales” (Enrico Spadaro report) in the Opal room is running late while I'm taking a look at the Tolkien's exhibit at the Drummond room (all of them being additional rooms upstairs), or so I think; for as we enter ...

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