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Oxonmoot, a path through history

... feature: Interviews Exclusive References Articles about Tolkien events A. Introduction The grounds of St. Anthony's college One of the buildings of St. Anthony's A wall twined with ivy Among century old trees and ivy-twined walls is where the 46th Oxonmoot takes place, a gathering of the Tolkiendili known all over the world. It is a quiet city, and a calm one; for the streets are full of wanderers and the hearts full of joy. There are willows at the waters of the canal and the wind in the crowns ...

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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... The banner of Tolkien 2019 in the Entrance Hall stands only just for another hour or two. The next event is in 7 years, with Oxonmoots in between each year. D. Things I liked and disliked Souvenirs in a far-away room Masquerade contestants Books in the ... ... Book I, Chapter 12: Flight to the Ford) I have made up my mind to take interviews with most well known people in the area of Tolkien studies nowadays and with a couple of questons I approach them during the event. It is enchanting how the different authors ...

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