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Oxonmoot, a path through history

... lap in the late evening of the 1st day, deriving from the name Teleri, or Elves, in Tolkien's legendarium; and the second one is the thing (although, like Beregond says, “there will be a song”), a custom of visiting Tolkien's grave from which the Oxonmoot in the Tolkien society arose in the first place 1 . Having visited many of those events he can say a lot about them, and yet when I ask about differences to the recent Tolkien 2019 he cannot compare for them being too different. More stories (See “Interview ...

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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... about Tolkien events A. Introduction Birmingham's street and square Another busy street next to the hotel A report on the first day of 5-day event Tolkien 2019 is a 5-day celebration of the author and his works that unlike the world renown and yearly Oxonmoot repeats around every 7 years (2005, 2012, 2019). It encompasses Tolkien's works and their study in an atmosphere of many international communities visiting and relating stories of how they feel about Tolkien's legendarium. Among the events scheduled tightly on the full 5 days programme (4 and a half with a preambula,...

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