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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... Book I, Chapter 12: Flight to the Ford) I have made up my mind to take interviews with most well known people in the area of Tolkien studies nowadays and with a couple of questons I approach them during the event. It is enchanting how the different authors ... ... Tolkien events in the country: quiz at the 10th anniversary Hobbits decorations and the 50th anniversary of the Tolkien Society at Tolkien 2019 Similarities to Russian events (e. g. Vescon) — A large number of reports and performances put together over several ...

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John Garth: Tolkien biography

... have character, Germany feels like beer, and Spain feels like wine, and… Maybe some other adjectives you can add to that. “No, I think you've answered that one. Really quite well, actually.” 10. Plans and creations John Garth at Tolkien 2019 ( “Tolkien 2019” , August 2019) (photo of J. Garth) I enquire about John's plans in the field of Tolkien studies and books, wondering if he will be giving out book names. Will he be doing more research or something else? Question What are your plans? “Yes, essentially, if I can carry on writing and researching about Tolkien, I will be very happy ...

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Oxonmoot, a path through history

... will be a song”), a custom of visiting Tolkien's grave from which the Oxonmoot in the Tolkien society arose in the first place 1 . Having visited many of those events he can say a lot about them, and yet when I ask about differences to the recent Tolkien 2019 he cannot compare for them being too different. More stories (See “Interview with Beregond” in “ Interviews ”) I also learn from the lodge guard that one of the Tolkiendili had already been living there for a week, and see an impressive ...

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