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Tolkien events around the globe, or how to meet Bilbo and Gandalf in contemporary Middle-earth

... great and powerful events in Middle-earth around us will soon come up with something that has a little of both for all Tolkien lovers alike. Meanwhile here are some of the findings over the net that now encircles our world: International calendar of Tolkien events 2019 Month Dates Title Venue Entrance fee Website January 03.01.19 J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday St. Petersburg, Russia 300—600 ₽ https://vk.com/birthsdaytolkien2019 (Russian) 03.01.19 J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday Moscow, Russia 200—300 ₽ https://vk.com/club174708540 (Russian) 25.01—12.05.19 Tolkien: Maker of Middle ...

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John Garth: Tolkien biography

... those movies, the physical craft, the models, the costumes. I think he would have loathed every divergence from his plot and his character creation. Is that answered?” More stories (See “ Interview with Brian Sibley ” in “Interviews”) 9. Tolkien events Tolkien event in Spain ( “Estelcon 2017” , 2017) (photo of J. Garth) My final questions are about the events and the plans. But first I ask of the Tolkien 2019 and its brother, the Oxonmoot, as well as other events John might have visited. Question ...

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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... channel videos — German TS reports — “Henneth Anun” report : Day 1 , Day 2 — The Tolkienist report — Tolkien guide report — Luiyología report Photographs and videos — Tolkien 2019: Masquerade awards — Amy Niclkin's photos — Tolkien guide videos — My videos H. Articles about Tolkien events A great adventure lies behind, while another one awaits. Articles about Tolkien events in Moscow and worldwide, a faerie tale adventure full of hopes, smiles and surprises. A wonderous tale of modern-day encounters with Elves, faeries, ...

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First Tolkien-only museum opens in Moscow

... readers”. (J. R. R. Tolkien, “The Lord of the Rings”, 1954; Foreword) Introduction Unique idea Are there any Tolkien museums in the world? Exclusive Opening Exhibition Trees of Valinor Exclusive Sequence of interviews Exclusive Articles about Tolkien events Links A. Introduction Picture: Guests of the opening of Moscow museum of Tolkien fandom. In the background — the silver Telperion and Ira Allor's art On April 20, 2019 guests gathered at the building of library No. 154 in Moscow Tsaritsino district, well known for its parks and train lines connecting the city to the Moscow ...

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Mearvin, rune of Middle-earth

How Tolkien creates and shines in our world and about a journey into his worlds. My talks at Tolkien meetings in Russia and abroad. Languages Eng | Rus © Feärine 2020. All rights reserved My stories: Alpherin, Starleaf by Feärine — articles Mearvin,...

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KaminKon 2019, at the welcoming hearth

... Eng | Rus © Feärine 2019. All rights reserved The KaminKon of 2 days filled with costumed parties is in the Northern capital, Saint Petersburg, the third largest Tolkien event in Russia (with over 300 participants). Prologue “At the KaminKon's Tolkien's birthday gather noblemen, archers and roosters with sharp swords, soft-handed needlewomen and maidens with fruit baskets, craftsmen in love with their art, bards and minstrels in a medieval castle.” (My article in Russian “ Tolkien events around the globe , or how to meet Bilbo and Gandalf in contemporary Middle-earth” (shorter version in English ), 2019) 1 Introduction Day-by-day breakdown Conclusion Things I liked and disliked Photographs References Articles about Tolkien ...

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Oxonmoot, a path through history

... the tour of the city and the change in the hearts Beregond A long-standing member of the Tolkien society, Beregond (Anders Stenström) from Sweden is a kind of person to know a lot of answers to many questions, both in quizzes and in real life. How Tolkien events are different for their visitors and organizers, of Tolkien manuscripts and their importance, and of unexpected finds. One of the first Oxonmooters Of the first Oxonmoot and how it changed. Why and how the Tolkiendili met back long time ago and how they meet their husbands and wives now, of the films ...

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Alpherin, Starleaf by Feärine

... (published soon) (Russian only) Alexandra Barkova (Alwdis N. Ruthien), writer: Literature perspective 6. More events Museum of Tolkien fandom opening in Moscow: a sequence of interviews “For our kin and alike” (Russian only) Vescon 2019 (Moscow Tolkien convention) for the ignorant, or my first time at Vescon (Russian only) Tolkien events around the globe, or how to meet Bilbo and Gandalf in contemporary Middle-earth , 2019 also: Russian A journey into the Tolkien's legendarium on this Earth and the events that happen around the globe when the adventure begins. A leaf of ...

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