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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... there is entertainment, learning, communication, amazement, and creative work. The workshops, Koffee Klatches, reports, performances and meetings all enroll an array of Tolkien lovers. Talking to each other and learning of the experience of like-minded Tolkiendili is one great thing of the quite many. To name but a few, the beauty of the settings, the atmosphere of the joy, and the anticipation of the great things to come. The newly born wonder of the event is still warm in the hearts of its visitors,...

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First Tolkien-only museum opens in Moscow

... has a unique position compared to other similar establishments abroad: it holds a history of several generations of Russian Tolkiendili, their dreams and their histories, in one place where anyone can visit them during exhibition times or other events ... ... announced by the organizers. The name in Russian, MMT, or “ Moskovsky muzey tolkinistiki ”, literally means Moscow museum of Tolkien studies, or Tolkienology, or Tolkien fandom, the name the organizers, or keepers of the museum, as they call themselves,...

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