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John Garth: Tolkien biography

... Tolkien Planning books Contemporary fantasy Tolkien in your country Tolkien and his legendarium Tolkien's view now Tolkien events Plans and creations 1. Acquaintance I ask John to introduce himself, and although he's well known in many circles of the Tolkiendili, his answer is very short and accurate. “I'm a writer, editor and speaker. I specialize in biography and history about Tolkien and his life and work.” 2. Meeting with Tolkien Event visit ( “Estelcon 2017” , 2017) (photo of J. Garth) Question What was your impression of the first Tolkien book you've read? As I ask John this question the first thing he says is “Wow”....

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Tolkien 2019, on the edge of the faerie

... masquerade party. Among the guests and speakers there are representatives from the German Tolkien Society, the Dutch, the Italian and the Russian one; I also encounter Spanish people and Americans. You might find John Garth standing in line with you for the Tolkien 2019 tote bag or Tom Shippey on a lecture by one of the Tolkiendili. C. Day-by-day breakdown Expecting: On the eve of the event Day 1: The opening, theatrical performance Day 2: Orchestra Day 3: The banquet Day 4: Masquerade and party Day 5: Closing 1. Expecting: On the eve of the event Gandalf and his friend ...

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First Tolkien-only museum opens in Moscow

... Russia. Translations from the time when they were photocopied or even rewritten by hand, during Samizdat times (an era of reserved self-publishing in Russia due to high censorship and total deficiency of books), until the most recent publications. The Tolkien musem in Moscow has a unique position compared to other similar establishments abroad: it holds a history of several generations of Russian Tolkiendili, their dreams and their histories, in one place where anyone can visit them during exhibition times or other events held at the venue. More importantly still, this history is still alive. The calendar of the events is available at the museum's ...

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Tolkien events around the globe, or how to meet Bilbo and Gandalf in contemporary Middle-earth

See international calendar of Tolkien events 2019 to help you meet Bilbo and Gandalf in our Middle-earth. Languages See also: Russian © Feärine 2019. All rights reserved See international calendar of Tolkien events 2019 to help you meet Bilbo and Gandalf in our Middle-earth....

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Mearvin, rune of Middle-earth

... (Russian only) Russia, Moscow, Vescon February 2020 c. Tolkien's universe About Tolkien's mythology, his legendarium and events in our universe. Birmingham and Oxford: two conferences (Russian only) Russia, Moscow, Frodo and Bilbo's birthday with Vescon Tolkiendili convention September 2019 Tolkien's mythology: past, present, and future United Kingdom, Oxford, Oxonmoot September 2019 Tolkien's mythology: past, present, and future (Russian) — Russia, Moscow, SRS of the Department of History Higher School of Economics Saint Petersburg seminar ...

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KaminKon 2019, at the welcoming hearth

... English ), 2019) 1 Introduction Day-by-day breakdown Conclusion Things I liked and disliked Photographs References Articles about Tolkien events A. Introduction St. Isaac's Cathedral in autumn The Sun is playing with the green of the leaves and the yellow ... ... is starting to appear on them when I arrive into St. Petersburg for KamiKon, presumably the 3rd largest Russian convention of Tolkiendili, in the Northern capital, as Saint Petersburg is called. A journey that lasts around 4 hours on modern-day train from ...

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Oxonmoot, a path through history

... joy in the deer park of Magdalen college, where the animals walk in a park surrounded by an alleyway of trees. — Of the Oxford atmosphere Farewell The Oxonmoot is closed, and already everyone's expecting a next one; the college is empty without the Tolkiendili laughter and jokes like it was before they came; it calms down to its everyday life, while the Tolkien readers of the world live their lives, or “return to the real world”, as one of the Oxonmooters put it; although which one is real? The Oxonmoot is closed, and already everyone's expecting a next one; the college is empty without the Tolkiendili ...

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Alpherin, Starleaf by Feärine

... >>> 3. Oxonmoot, a path through history Oxonmoot, a path through history , Sept 2019 also: Russian Three days of homely gatherings, and talks and entertainment on the banks of Oxford waters and college grounds with around 100 people coming to honour Tolkien's works and his creations. Among century old trees and ivy-twined walls is where the 46th Oxonmoot takes place, a gathering of the Tolkiendili known all over the world. It is a quiet city, and a calm one; for the streets are full of wanderers and the hearts full of joy. There are willows at the waters of the canal and the wind in the crowns of trees dancing. I arrive a couple of ...

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