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Author Topic: CAUTION! in english  (Read 1201 times)

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CAUTION! in english
« on: 08/12/2002, 23:29:49 »
I sing of barren lands and incarnadine skies
I sing of what in dreams of mine i try to hide
Of my own death that plain before me lies
Of lonely ghosts and shadows by my side

I’ll never stop- my fate’s to toil along
Search for eternity, and drink the heady rain
A useless soul, lost in the times long gone
Who knows no love, but bears a spell of pain

In wastes my road runs, it runs the paths of dead
I must hold on, no laments or despair
I must be stern, though i am ever sad
For single dream of Lorien the Fair

And down in the deeps of heart that never lies
Beyond the reach of clear light of moon
I hide a faint hope that never dies
I’ll find my rest, i know it won’t be soon

I won’t vanish though my way is hard
I deem, I’ll come back home again
In music of Eru mine’s just a walk-on part
But still my deeds won’t be lost in vain