Mallorn 29

Год издания:
1992 (август)
Количество страниц:
  • The Geology of the Northern Kingdom (Neil Holford)
  • More Celtic Influences: Númenor and the Second Age (Marie Barnfield)
  • Endogamy and Exogamy in the Works of Tolkien (Lisa Hopkins)
  • Sauron's Darkness (Alex Lewis)
  • Before and After (Lucy Bray)
  • Dressed to Kill (Helen Armstrong)
  • Tolkien and Beethoven (John A. Ellison)
  • The Secret War and the End of the First Age: Tolkien in the (former) USSR (Maria Kamenkovich)
  • Reflections on Tolkien Bibliography (Wayne G. Hammond)
  • Publishing Tolkien (Rayner Unwin)
  • The Tolkien Family Album (John A. Ellison)
  • The Genesis of Arda (Donald O' Brien)
  • Sauron Defeated (Charles E. Noad)

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